Mack's Market - About Us

About Us

Our story begins over 30 years ago when our owner, Eric, got his first job in high school as a bagboy where the store provided a carryout service. He applied for his first job in January and didn't get hired until April. Eric stopped every Friday and asked if the owner had a position available and each week the owner told him "not right now". Finally, one Friday the owner told him to come in on Monday to start work. Perhaps it was his persistence, quite possibly even the nagging that may have persuaded the owner to take a big chance.

His very first day of work the 85 pound (fully clothed and soaking wet!) kid was tasked with carrying out eight 50 LB bags of water softener salt for his very own father. All the store personnel got quite a chuckle from the small kid trying to move the 400 LB salt purchase out the door. Some of the staff were overheard saying there is no way this little guy could make it happen. What the by standing staff didn't know was the inner commitment that was made when he was hired to get a job done and that is what Eric was determined to do, get the job done. The salt made it to his father's truck without incident and from that point on everything seemed possible. Not only did Eric have to move the salt on the job, his father saved the salt for him to carry in at home as well!

Mack Attack, Mack, Big Mack and other iterations of the last name Mackay, that no one can pronounce correctly, came to be Eric's nick name. The names were derived from stories and life experiences observed by friends, sports coaches, teammates, coworkers and bosses. Eric approaches everything in life with all heart and determination to succeed as illustrated with the salt story and hiring story. When the opportunity came to purchase a store a natural fit for a name was Mack's Market.

Eric worked for the independently owned grocery store for 30 years. That company had grown and expanded over the years to include a third location in Thermopolis, WY. Eric was given an opportunity to manage this location for the organization. The discussion to buy the Thermopolis location started at the time he moved his family to Thermopolis. The owners told him after 10 years of managing the location he could buy the store. On the 30th anniversary of Eric starting in the grocery business the ten years in Thermopolis had finally passed and Eric bought the store in April 2018.

Eric and Mindy have grown their family since moving to Thermopolis to include 3 wonderful children that may one day decide to carry on the legacy of Mack's Market. Mindy stays at home and raises the children, but she brings them in to the store often so they can learn what it takes to keep a grocery store going. Kacey enjoys coming in and earning money by pulling the ending weekly ad signs. Makenna enjoys watching, being involved with and learning how to be a cashier. Elias enjoys watching the boxes get crushed and getting a sucker from the cashiers.

We look forward to the opportunity as a family to be able to learn and grow together while building traditions and ties to a community that we love. We are committed to give all our heart and effort to making sure our guests have the freshest products and best services for many years to come. So stop on by and let us show you what we can do for you.